Fox Business delves deep into the seedy world of start-up dumpling restaurants with this dark portrayal of dump-lord Kenny Lao.

Nah just kidding, it’s not like that at all. Instead, this dude Kenny is waaay too excited about dumplings and Fox Biz’s Christina ‘Kind-of-Hottie’ Scotti isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions:

A couple of great lines here:

Scotti: “Kenny Lao has dumplings in his DNA!”

Lao: “I’ve never seen so many dumplings in my life!”

Scotti: “What did your parents think?! [about starting a successful dumpling restaurant]”

Scotti: “Are you trying to make this the McDonald’s of dumplings?”

(in the accompanying interview) What’s an important life lesson you learned from this? Lao: “Nap whenever you can nap.”

One of the most interesting strategies that Kenny discusses is calling a famous New York restaurateur’s mother at home to pitch his idea. Really, how did that follow-up conversation go, “Sorry I was harassing your mother late at night at home, but I have a dumpling franchise idea you NEED to hear about.”

All kidding aside, I’m happy for this guy. It’s always good to see some young guys taking risks with new businesses and succeeding. And Kenny’s chain, Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, which currently has 2 New York locations (soon to be 4), is pulling in over $2.8 million in revenue. As you may have noticed, I’m still bitter about the huge financial and health-code failure my dumpling-themed restaurant, ‘Taking A Dump‘, was.

FoxBusiness: Young Guns: Behind the Scenes with Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, May 6, 2008