How many times have you been in the lodge after a killer day on the mountain, on the river, on the trail, or at the beach, and been unable to commucate the raw bodaciousness of your moves to your compatriots (or action sport girls). We know. All the time. Happens to us, too. Or, it used to until this wearable, waterproof HD camcorder came along. 

The Drift HD170 isn’t the only wearable action camera on the market, but it has differentiated itself in a significant, important way. By far, the worst part about other action cameras is you have no idea if you’re shooting the right thing or not. There’s no definitely way to know where your frame is pointed until you upload and view the video file. Not only had Drift fixed that problem with a built-in LCD screen on the body of the camera, but they’ve given it a wireless controller taking even more guesswork out of the equation (imagine reaching up to blindly hit record on your helmet cam then realizing after your cliff drip you hit stop instead). 

The Drift HD170 also features a 300-degree rotating lense, an onboard microphone (no stereo) and a night/low-light mode which, if it works, is reason in and of itself to give this action cam serious consideration. Check out a few samples of footage below. 

Drift HD170, Ski Freeride from Drift Innovation on Vimeo.

Paragliding Drift HD170 from Drift Innovation on Vimeo.