It figures: The day after I suggested a cocktail column inspired by pop-cultural events, a Miley Cyrus “dance” move made more headlines than the possible U.S. missile strike on Syria. This was a slight bummer, until I realized that a war-themed recipe would just bring everyone down, and that this was an opportunity to share one of my favorite crazy concoctions made with everybody’s favorite upper: caffeine.

A few summers ago, while I was working for a coffee roaster, I started drinking the virgin Twerk — though I wasn’t calling it that. I wanted to make cold-brewed coffee more refreshing, so I added cream soda in the hopes that it would mimic cream and sugar, but in a more effervescent way. I was right. And as it turns out, that this combination is even better with booze.

Like Miley Cyrus, this cocktail is not a classic—it’s new and weird, and slightly confusing. But the caffeine will give you the energy to power through your evening. Just try not to ponder the question, “What rhymes with hug me?” (Whether it encourages you to extend your tongue … well, that’s on you, buddy.)

The Twerk

4 ounces cold-brewed or chilled coffee (black)

4 ounces old-fashioned cream soda

2 ounces vodka

2 ounce Baileys or other cream liqueur

Glassware: Mason jar (a nod to Billy Ray Cyrus, of course) or pint glass

Method: Add ingredients to glass, stir gently, and top off with ice.