When you think of rum, there are a few brand names that come to mind. Denizen isn’t one of them, but we’d like to help change that with this write-up. Why? Well, let’s cut right to the chase, gentlemen: Denizen Rum ($16) is inexpensive and delicious. What more do you need to know?

Maybe it’s that Denizen begins with top-quality, charcoal-filtered Trinidadian rum. This base rum then gets shipped off to Amsterdam, where master blenders combine it with 15 varieties of Jamaican rum. What comes out is a clear white liquor that tastes great while retaining the complexities rum had many moons ago, before the Captain and the Bat dominated the market.

Rum aficionados used to call this complexity “hogo.” Well, Denizen brings the hogo back, and it’s perfectly at home in a Cuba Libre… or even on its own. We might recommend a couple ice cubes, but anything else is going to rob you of the flavor. It may sound like a strange concept—rum on the rocks—but its time has come. Learn more here.

Lead photo: RumConnection.com, home of the latest news, exclusive articles and critical information about the tradition and culture of rum.