Newcastle is arguably the most popular brown ale the world over. Lighter than a darker ale but heavier than a lager, the brown ale sits somewhere in the middle, a bit like a black lager. When it comes to brown ale, only one thing is better than Newcastle—a Newcastle limited edition. Thankfully, Newcastle has just released its fourth limited-edition brew, Founder’s Ale.

This is the same full-bodied brown ale you’ve come to expect from the good people at Newcastle. If you’re a fan of dry, hop-heavy beers, this one is going to knock your socks off. It’s a classic bitter, to be sure, but with some interesting and complex fruit and caramel notes and a distinctive roasted flavor. The finish is short and clean, leaving you coming back for bottle after bottle. For you beer nerds out there, the Newcastle Limited Edition Founders Ale has 20 International Bittering Units (IBUs).

It’s available in six-packs and 12-packs, and best of all, you’ll also be able to get it on tap, but only through April. Then the special brew goes the way of the southern migrating birds, not to return until February next year. Try to console yourself with that fact that you can always get one limited edition ale or another from Newcastle at some point during the year. And the classic brown ale, of course, is here to stay. Learn more here.