When you talk to hardcore booze aficionados, one word comes up time and again in relation to tequila: dangerous. At 84 proof rather than 80, Peligroso is not only Spanish for dangerous, it’s a hair more hazardous than other agave-based spirits and far more flavorful. Bartenders and drinkers alike love the rich taste of overproofed liquors that take things up a notch without putting you on the floor.

How do they do it? Peligroso has a commitment to quality that begins with steaming the agave in brick ovens, followed by distillation in stainless copper pots. The tequila is then aged in Tennessee white oak whiskey barrels. Finally, before it goes to market, it’s sampled by their chief taste master (also known as the guy you are most jealous of in the world). The potent result tickles the tongue whether you’re sipping or shooting.

This tequila comes in three varieties, each of which rocks its own unique bottle to reflect the flavor before you even take a sip. Silver comes in a clear flint glass, Añejo in a stylish satin black glass bottle and Reposado in a rustic-looking golden glass. While we generally caution people against such college-like behavior, these bottles look so nice, we’d forgive you for keeping one around long after you’re done consuming the contents.

Perhaps the coolest part is that you’re getting a limited edition, hand-numbered, individually boxed bottle without losing your poncho over it. The Silver is $43, the Reposado $50 and the Añejo $55. In other words, prices that are pretty much the opposite of peligroso. Get them here.