Why is it that the Duck Tales cartoon has proven to be such a solid source for all things financially educational? Is it because Scrooge’s vault-ful of millions proved he had the investing chops to take on the world? Perhaps. I prefer to think it’s all due to the fact that none of the main characters wear pants, but that’s just me. As we’ve shown before, DuckTales gave us a solid lesson on the horrors of inflation. Others like to explain how a moneymaking scheme can make you ‘DuckTales’ rich.

But now let’s turn back the clock to find out if Scrooge’s money saving advice to his nephews in this Disney special (before they were polychromatic and had their own show) from way back in 1967 still holds up today:

Part 1 of 2:

Does the trifecta of mustachioed-bankers at 4:57 in the video remind anyone else of a certain Federal Reserve Chairman? Draw your own conclusions. "We need money. Convenient money."

Part 2 of 2:

Is the fact that $1 billion stacked upright is equal to 800 times the height of the Washington monument interesting to anyone else or just me? I wonder what the correlation between $700 billion and some Washington-based objects are? I’m probably laying it on a little thick now, but hey, this stuff is priceless.

At the 5 Minute mark Scrooge reveals his vault full of money is just ‘petty cash’ and it fluctuates daily? Wow, friggin Scrooge McDuck seems more organized than Lehman Brothers. At least the dude doesn’t have it all in subprime.

At 6:40, Scrooge totally swindles his unsuspecting nephews into buying preferred stock in his ‘McDuck Industries’ — with a 3 cent brokerage/financial advisor fee! What a scam artist! Actually 3 cents on a $1.95 investment sounds pretty good right about now.