Summer is here, and if you’ve got any sense at all you’re hitting the beach to catch some rays and waves.  When the sun sets, though, and winter starts heading  your way, you’ll be thankful you had this gadget to record your memories. 

The DXG Sportster line of HD camcorders is the perfect accessory for the active, outdoor enthusiast who lives loud, fast, and often wet.  These handheld camcorders can record high definition video, take 12 megapixel still shots, have 128MB of built-in storage with an SD/SDHC card slot allowing for an additional 32GB (that’s 10 hours of video which is probably longer than you’ll be underwater).  

The best part, though, is that they cost a mere $170 to start.  They haven’t been released yet, but keep an eye on DXG for these rugged beauties to drop soon.