It’s 2017 and gray hair is, for whatever reason, trending. Whether you’re a fan or not, the case can be made for dying your hair the same color as your grandfather’s.

Enter: Lucky Blue Smith, a fresh-faced menswear model recognizable for his blue eyes and dramatic jawline (pictured). Smith’s hair is, well, sorta famous right now. His dark roots and whitish gray hair stand out on the catwalk, so much so that his look has become a covetable one.

Covetable, but not easy. I was eager to get on the bandwagon and try this new look out. I have gone platinum blonde twice, and even that is not for the faint of heart. You have to put bleach on your scalp to extract your hair’s proteins and nutrients, and then add toner, which badly burns. To go to whitish gray, however, it takes even more effort. You have to repeat that bleaching process a few times to get the right color.

Now, for the men wondering what the hell I’m talking about, dying your hair gray, I hear your concerns. When my friends and family first saw mine, they said it looked like I was trying to age myself. That’s not something most 20-somethings are trying to do…

But the level of platinum gray that I am discussing here can be worn by many different men at many different ages. Sporting a navy suit for a business meeting? You will look crisp and clean with some seriously sharp hair. Meeting up with friends over food or drinks in some relaxed jeans and an oversized T-shirt? You’ll boast a certain California cool with this hairstyle. And, if you’re already going gray, you might as well embrace the trend and enhance your style.

Going gray on purpose is an easy way to change things up for the summer. But if you have it in you to go through with it, just remember not to swim. Chlorine will turn your hair green… Heck, maybe that’s the next trend.