Don’t worry, we’re not going to get all political on your ass and start suggesting the crazy lefts and rights (or even fence sitters). What we got here is a nice compilation of talk shows that will make your hum-drum life seem a little less like it’s in the crapper. These babies are either syndicated or only local, but all of them you can snag on-line. Tune in and thank us later.

The Mike O’Meara Show

Formerly “The Don & Mike Show”, this was a classic four hour daily that featured newsman Buzz Burbank and wildcard producer Robb Spewak. Unfortunately, Don retired in 2008 and it became all about Mike. And unfortunately squared, WJFK became an all-sports format station earlier this month and left the future of Mike O’Meara in question. For Stern fans, this show brings that and a little more. Part improve, contests, and lots of dirty talk, this is one that makes the afternoon at the office and in traffic fly by. Let’s hope the show finds a new home fast.

Fridays with Jim Breuer

As in Jim Breuer of “SNL” Goat Boy fame. He sets up shop on Sirius/XM every Friday afternoon with a few cocktails and a comedian or two to interview. And when we say interview, it’s more or less just them talking about whatever the hell they want. Great thing about this Raw Dog Comedy show is Breuer’s no pulling punches style when talking about the behind-the-scenes BS of show business and how he loves being drunk. Great way to start the weekend.


This one is part comedy, part WTF, and part “maybe-I-can-talk-her-into-trying-that”. Dr. Drew has been with this nationally syndicated show for 25 friggin’ years and the calls never cease to amaze him…or us. From the caller who wants to shove a table leg somewhere it should be to the girl calling in wondering if she can get pregnant by herself, this show is addictive and a nice diversion from the usual TV crap that airs from 10pm-midnight during the week. We would say have your gal listen with you for new ideas, but that can really backfire on you. Give it a listen and you’ll understand why.

The Opie & Anthony Show

Another Sirius/XM entry and one you gotta’ get up early for. Based in New York City, Opie and Anthony do mornings right by bagging on celebrity and national news, while mixing in various comedy bits along the way – you know, things like encouraging people to have sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. They’ve been suspended, gotten people arrested, skipped around to different stations, and been dropped from regular broadcast radio. But they make us laugh. However, the single best attraction to this daily 6-11 morning show is comedian Jim Norton. The surely-going-to-Hell comedian frequently saddles up as the third host and adds even more raunch to the raunch.

The Kevin & Bean Show

Kevin broadcasts out of LA and Bean is up in Seattle, but combine with entertainment reporter Ralph (the former host of “The Joe Schmo Show”), traffic and weather gal Lisa, and producer Psycho Mike, this show goes perfect with your morning muffin and Jack Daniels. Sent out to the world by KROQ, you can listen live on their website or even download old interviews and clips of their tomfoolery. Yes, I said it. Tomfoolery. This show is most notable for giving two comedians their start way back in the day: Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel.

The Adam Carolla Show (with Teresa Strasser)

Speaking of Adam Carolla, you can check him out on Westwood One, but they will be ‘Best Ofs” only. The show was cancelled in February when lameass 97.1 fm went the way of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. Even though they may not be new, Carolla’s brand of self-depreciating humor while going on his rants are timeless. The became stronger when Danny Bonaduce was booted and Carolla got to really be himself. The guy is gunny, loves making fun of celebs and loves sports. Which reminds us, check him out in his movie, The Hammer. It’s a little known gem.

Stand Up Sit Down (with Sonny Fox)

While Sonny also hosts “Funny in the Morning” on Raw Dog, his best stuff is “Stand Up Sit Down” where he jumps on the air with a comedian for sixty minutes and talks about all things funny. It’s not just a gab fest, though, as they play the comedian’s stand up bits every few minutes, along with other related comedians’ work. A favorite of ours is when Jim Gaffigan sits down and does his ‘thang with Sonny. There is not always a specific time for the feature, but you can catch it on Sirius/XM (104/150).