Bust out the granola, your least dirty tie-dye shirt, and that horribly scratched Bob Marley CD from college because it’s Earth Day! If you don’t want to embrace your inner hippie, just turn off the air conditioning before you leave the house and don’t club any baby seals today to show a little love for the planet.

Whether your wear hemp-clothing everyday that’s dank enough for Woody Harrelson to smoke or you think global warming is about as credible as the Loch Ness Monster, everyone can appreciate some hot activist chicks. Check out these cuties for a cause, and for every chick that you click on Chickipedia today, we will plant a tree* in your honor.

(* "Plant a Tree" meaning we’ll consider recycling a few of the moldy coffee cups in our office.)

Khloe Kardashian

As you may have guessed, Khloe is the precocious sister of Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. All three sisters ham it up regularly on their E! Channel television series (don’t pretend like you’ve never seen it), and Khloe is one of the more infamous Kardashian siblings due to her recent run-ins with the law. However, she’s also very committed to animal rights, famously posing for PETA’s "I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" media campaign. Get used to that, because it’s kind of a theme in this article.

Jane Fonda

Ms. Fonda is basically the Alpha Activist: she’s been equally revered and reviled for her over-the-top protests of the Vietnam War, feminism, and other environmental/political causes. Angelina Jolie and a slew of other celebrities are basically just following in her footsteps. Also, as the picture above indicates, Ms. Fonda was at one time a pretty smoking hot lady.

Joanna Krupa

At first glance, you might think Joanna is actually furthering harmful climate change because she’s so unbelievably hot. But, the buxom blonde from Poland is actually a strident animal rights activist, regularly volunteering for the Human Society of America and other Earth Day celebrations. If nothing else, she’s clearly made her causes more visible to everyday people, as her website claims she is one of the most googled women on earth. That might sound dirty, but she’s cleaner than a gallon of water straight out of the desalinization plant.

Michelle Manhart

If that excuse for camoflauge that Michelle’s wearing doesn’t make you want to go Green, I’m not sure what will. And why, you might ask, is a woman on a list devoted to peaceful protest and environmental adovcacy holding a machine gun? Ms. Manhart was once actually Staff Sergeant Manhart based out of San Antonio in the United States Air Force. She was relieved of duty after posing for Playboy, an action that did "not meet standards of integrity" for the armed forces–translated from military rhetoric: too many fights over who gets to fly with the Playboy Bunny. Now, she’s the international spokeswoman and all-around tough hottie representing PETA. You might think they’re a little crazy (and you’re probably right), but they do get some hot women to endorse their cause.

Roselyn Sanchez

It is impossible to meet a woman who is absolutely flawless, unless that woman is Roselyn Sanchez. Looks that no man can resist, and a fiesta of a personality, Roselyn Sanchez might be the highest representation of Latina spice. Puerto Rico-born Roselyn is a successful actress, singer and petite-pageant contestant, even once appeared nude in a PETA ad to support an anti-fur campaign. Like anyone, we love bartering for pelts, but we don’t like our ladies furry. Well done, Roselyn.

Amanda Beard

Amanda is a world-class athlete who breaks as many hearts as swimming records. She’s won eight United States titles and made several Olympic appearances. She thankfully compensated for those tragically swimsuit-clad appearances by posing on the cover of the July 2007 issue of Playboy, leading to a sponsorship from GoDaddy.com as their "GoDaddy Girl,” and the title "World’s Sexiest Athlete" from FHM magazine. I think she’d still be hot if she even had an actual beard. Then again, maybe not.

Dominique Swain

In 1995 Dominique was chosen from 2,500 girls to star in the remake of Lolita, a story of obsession with a 12-year-old girl. In a much less creepy way, we’re still obsessed with Dominique, so much so that we even watched her guest star on Ghost Whispers. Lately Dominique has been focusing her attention on helping PETA. We love her nonetheless.

Hayden Panettiere

Any day we can find an excuse to include Hayden in one of our lists is a very good day. The alluring, ultra-famous American star isn’t just saving the world on TV in her show Heroes: she also travelled all the way to Japan recently to save some dolphins. She’s an ardent activist against whaling ships and other maritime practices that hurt our big mammlian brothers in the ocean. Just because she’s indestructible doesn’t mean seeing animals get hurt doesn’t break her heart.

Sienna Miller

You know a woman is really hot when she’s much prettier than the original, iconic model (Twiggy) that she portrays in Factory Girl. Sienna’s beauty puts Twiggy to shame, and her environmental ideals give her an edge in the moral superiority department as well: she serves as an ambassador for climate-change campaign Global Cool and launched a carbon-neutral clothing line. She’ll also be playing The Baroness in the new G.I. Joe movie coming out soon, which is good to know, and knowing is half the battle!