We’re blogging live from Wall Street today to get a better idea of what the hell is going on down here. Impressed? Hopefully these cops with the machine guns won’t hassle us on our mission.

One of the biggest things you’ll notice outside the stock exchange today is that the large American flag adorning this historic building’s columns has been replaced with a giant ‘Ecopetrol‘ ad. Judging from the company’s logo, I can only assume the petrol is made from crushed iguanas.

Ecopetrol, the National Colombian Oil company, is also the largest company in Colombia and became only the second Colombian company on the New York Stock exchange.

The minister of energy in Colombia and the president of Ecopetrol, along with a metaphorical ‘cartel’ of accompanying guests rang the opening bell on the exchange today.

But what’s with the Secret Service style black Chevy trucks sitting outside? Doesn’t seem very ‘eco’-anything to me.

Nonetheless we tried to talk to these slick Colombian Ecopetrol guys when they came outside to do their victory lap after the opening bell. Didn’t go very well. After asking one guy how it felt to ring the opening bell, he looked back at me with a puzzled look and walked off. To be fair he may not have spoke English or could have just thought I was a jerk. Either way, he has the makings of an excellent oilman. (more photos after the jump):

Photos by Brendan McInerney