Let the glorious light shine down (read: across the table) forever (read: until the wax softens. For too long non-edible candles have been taking up valuable table real estate that could’ve otherwise been bacon’d. No more. 

The edible bacon fat candle is an illuminating confection created and distributed by David Burkes Primehouse in the Windy City. The aromatic candle stands at a modest 2 inches, is created from rendered bacon fat and a vegetable base wick. It fills the air with the smell of simmering bacon, and after warming, can be drizzled on any of the offerings at David Burke’s. However, if you’re not close enough to Chicago to give it a whirl, you can order your own bacon candles for home use. Just call the butcher shop at (312) 660-6000. They’re $5 apiece plus shipping and handling.