Buying a car is a unique experience in that it can simultaneously be the best and the worst. On one hand, you get a new vehicle for driving around town. On the other, you’ve got to put up with dealership nonsense, high-pressure negotiating and some sales guy who’s got to go check with his manager. So purchasing a car via the internet and then picking it up at an extra large vending machine… that sounds pretty great.

It’s a real thing thanks to Carvana. After rolling out a five-story operation in Nashville, the online car guys have just opened an eight-story, coin-operated vending machine in Houston. It holds 30 cars and links directly to the website—so once you buy a car, you can opt for delivery or pick it up in person. And when the latter includes depositing an oversized coin into a slot and then watching gears and pulleys escort your car on a platform down to the delivery bay through a glass-walled vending machine… it’s hard to imagine why you’d choose the former.

Once you procure your new ride, you’ve got a full seven days to test drive it. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can return it no questions asked.

Try doing that with an Almond Joy.