After a seemingly interminable off-season, college football kicks off tonight, and the NFL follows in a week’s time. To help get you in the mood, we’ve dug into the Made Man archives and found all the food, booze, knowledge and babes you need to have more fun more than a barrelful of Musburgers.

Rule the tailgate party with BBQ Tips from Pitmaster Chris Lilly.
Plow through more buffalo wings than ever by learning How to Eat Like an Eating Champ.

Bring the party right through the turnstyles with How to Sneak Booze into an Event.
Make friends and intoxicate people with Beer Cocktails.

Dominate your fantasy football league(s) with tips from Man of the Moment Matthew Berry.
Enlighten your buds on the humble beginnings of Bart Scott, Wes Welker and Antonio Gates with the Our All-Undrafted NFL Team.

Feast your eyes on pom-pom wavers who took their hotness to knew heights with The NFL’s Most Babelicious Cheerleaders.
And finally, check out who your favorite players are taking deep with The Hottest NFL WAGs.