We all got to enjoy the hours and hours of Spitzer, his wife, and his hooker plastered all over this week’s television. With the photos came the endless debate of the importance of his actions on his ability to perform his duties of public office. I will use this platform to chime in. Everyone is a bunch of hypocrites. I will give you this. Spitzer is immoral, a liar, and has broken the law. With that being said, he is no different than anyone else you know. We are ALL some of the above and in no way does it affect his ability to be a leader.

Should he step down as governor? Absolutely. He broke laws while trying to hide money. He says one thing and his actions display the opposite. Could he still do a great job? Absolutely, but he can’t serve out the rest of his term without trust. If he would have just slept with the girl, he would have been fine. It was all the other things he did to try and cover it up. So why do I find no fault in his actions?

I do find fault but only between him and his good looking wife. The illegal money hiding thing I could care less about. He was doing it to sleep with a woman, not buy drugs, run guns, or help a Osama bin Laden. I have problems judging morality because we all have sinned. I think it is ironic that John Kennedy is considered one of the best leaders our country has ever known yet he slept with more women while in office that any leader in our history. The difference? He just went to a hotel and had sex. Everyone knew he did it and nobody cared. We didn’t have the media power we have now. It was a day when news didn’t comprise of just celebrity and crime.

Many on Wall Street are happy to see him fall in disgrace because of the troubles he caused them. Spitzer did us all a favor. Wall Street was screwing us and other investors. If Spitzer wouldn’t have called them out they would still be stealing millions out of our pockets. Sure, trading after the markets close between themselves has always been done, but it doesn’t make it right. The bullnosed, attacking way he did it probably didn’t need to happen but live by the sword, die by the sword. He needs to go back to being a lawyer. When you are a lawyer , morality never really comes into play.