The Elliptigo is a hybrid between a stationary elliptical trainer and a bicycle, and it looks like a ton of fun. Ellipticals are a great option for cardio since they’re so low impact but they keep you in decent running shape if you, say, have a bum knee. The bad part about them was always that it doesn’t exactly compare to a trail run or a beach workout when it comes to scenery. Unless, of course, you’re at the gym to pick up girls, but that’s a different story. 

It may seem a little unstable, but they’ve got several “epic rides” chronicaled on their site including death ride with 15,000 feet of elevation gain and a ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles by famed ultramarathoner, Dean Karnazes. They come in blue, green or black, has 8 speeds, and cruises comfortably at about 15 miles per hour. Get yours here for $2,200.