When traveling to England, you’ve got your choice of opulent hotels, quirky boutiques and rural guest houses. Now, go ahead and forget that all those exist, because the only accommodation you require is this crazy, rentable treehouse. In Dorset. So find Dorset on a map (it’s about 120 miles southwest of London), book your plane tickets and reserve some time here (rates start around $400 per night). We’re thinking a month should do it.

Unlike that plywood tree fort you built as a kid, the one that wasn’t up to building code and had a regrettable “no girls allowed” policy, this one’s a real, functional house. One that’s built into a 200-year-old oak tree and features some necessary comforts like a king size bed, spacious deck, sauna, indoor copper bathtub and outdoor hot tub, open air shower and a wood-fired pizza oven. You’d be lucky to find any one of those things in your average Airbnb.

You enter via a wooden bridge, which is a nice touch. And when you’re ready to exit and explore the woods around you, well, there’s a metal slide for getting down. But you can even do some outdoor exploring right from the treehouse, as there’s a big window built into the floor for checking out the babbling brook below, and another large window in the ceiling above the bed for admiring the foliage above.

Makes your childhood treehouse with only one window seem a little lame by comparison, no?