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4 Tips For Playing Drinking Jenga

Jenga is usually identified as a child's game or associated with wine-drinking double-dates, but it's much more than that. Jenga can be turned into a riotous drinking game complete with a theater of loud noises, suspense and, of course, lots of drinking. Bust out that miter box, acrylic paint and sandpaper because the type of Jenga you want to play can't be bought. Giant Jenga Turn the gam ...


Play a Game of Comic-Con Bingo

In just a few short weeks, Comic-Con 2011 will kick off and San Diego, CA will be inundated by nerds. They will dress in Stormtrooper costumes, seek out obscure issues of obscure comic books and oggle the cast members of their favorite television shows. Now you can join the fun with Comic-Con Bingo, courtesy of the guys at Screen Junkies. Stroll the convention hall and see if you can spot all the ...


Video: How to Kick Ass at Flip Cup

Today's man must possess a diverse set of life skills in order to get ahead in the world. One of the those skills is the ability to efficiently flip over a small plastic cup on a ping pong table while ...

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