The Video Games That Make You a Better Man

The biker Theo Rossi, Sons of Anarchy (@theorossi, "Hands down, you gotta play 'Madden NFL,' the king of sports games. There's no question that it was the most social game for me and my crew, because we would constantly pick up the sticks and start challenging each other. When the Owner and GM modes came into play, I was so excited to do my drafts and create players. I always c ...


PS4 vs. Xbox One Review

Clash of the Titans: Xbox One and PS4 This piece is published in longer form on our sibling site The Escapist. If you're considering one of the holiday season's big game systems, check out these head-to-head match-ups in the categories that matter—then read the full-length versions.   Design Xbox One Pro: The alternating matte and glossy finish is nice—a safe choice somewhere betwe ...

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