Gotcha! April Fools’ Office Pranks

Q: How do you make a coworker blush? A: By using April Fools' Day as an excuse to tease, mess with or totally humiliate him or her, of course. Without further ado, here are the secrets to camouflaging a cubicle, reorganizing a desk, making someone think they’re getting canned, and more!


Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

It’s now less than 24 hours away, and you may or may not be fully prepared. In any case, our compilation of expert advice is all you need for a successful day (and hopefully night), no matter your status. Read, learn and melt some hearts.


7 Better Valentine’s Day Gifts

Most women take February 14th very seriously, and for your gifts to produce a gigantic smile, you’ve got to deliver beyond a card, flowers and candy. ...

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