Tattoos are awesome, so long as you’re committed to them—forever. You could remove them through laser surgery, but that’s painful, expensive and potentially scarring. Tattoo removal is typically more of a mess than it’s worth. Until now.

Ephemeral Tattoo Ink, just revealed at Tech Crunch Disrupt, is specifically engineered to last roughly one year. So you don’t need to worry about the long term. It uses smaller molecules designed to be processed by your body and a larger biomaterial sphere that’ll protect it for a year. Of course, if you want something removed even sooner, Ephemeral offers a complementary removal solution, which is also done by the artist, that’s safe and effective. So if you’re looking to test some designs for the long haul, this is an ideal option.

Or, if you moronically end up with some ill-fated ink—like, say, the name of your ex—and you can’t stand to see it in the mirror every morning, every time you shower or when you’re in bed with your new partner, you can always get rid of it.