The lovely Erin Burnett, always quick with a metaphor, an anecdote, and an analogy, may have grossed out everyone glued to the CNBC Wall Street turmoil coverage this morning.

During this morning’s Squawk On The Street early show, Erin was standing on the New York Stock Exchange floor with co-host ‘Papabear’ Mark Haines and special guest host Jim Cramer when she made the ‘anal faux pas’, as I am now officially referring to it.

Haines and Cramer were bustling around talking about how this might be the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, when Erin chimed in by taking the ‘flushing bad debt out’ metaphor way too far, saying that this perhaps is a ‘much needed colonic for Wall Street’.

Cramer and Haines’ half-disgusted/half-hysterical faces were priceless.

To be fair though, despite giving me the unnecessary mental image of Dick Fuld getting an assful of cleansing water, Erin has been doing a bang-up job today covering all this mess.