This week in the Erin Burnett Gazette:

The newly crowned ultimate money honey and dress stealer extraordinaire, walked the fine line between kissing her boss’ ass and conducting a serious business interview. Of course, she looked amazing doing both.

Jeff Zucker, the bald and beautiful President and CEO of NBC Universal, swung by CNBC HQ to answer a few softball (puns!) questions about what a totally awesome job NBC did with the Olympics this year.

Zucker signs the checks for all the NBC/MSNBC/CNBC personalities, so it’s best to be nice to him on the air. And isn’t it great that they call interviewing your own CEO ‘an exclusive’? Between Erin saying, “I know you’re jetlagged, so I was told to be kind” and virtually ignoring Zucker’s answers while she ogles Michael Phelps’ physique on the prompter, this interview is priceless must-see TV.

Check out the vid link and our commentary after the jump:

(Click image to watch the video at CNBC. Since proving online video doesn’t cannibalize TV, you’d think CNBC would jump on the ’embed-able video’ bandwagon? But no.)

1:25 – Erin hits the ground running by asking a nail-biter – Is it true those underwater cameras are what made these the best Olympics ever?

2:44 – Sorry, Zuckie, Erin’s got her eyes on some gold-medal-winning Phelps bod.

3:24 – The only criticism of the games was apparently the fact that NBC didn’t earn more advertising money? Also of note – Erin switches from referring to NBC as ‘we’.

6:00 – After skipping a bunch of other crap, Erin shows off the ESPN ad inadvertently praising NBC. Look what I found, Jeffers!

7:25 – The “Oh no she didn’t!” question of the interview: Should GE sell off NBC Universal?!? . . . Response: No.

9:02 – Zucker mentions something about not wanting to be ‘drunken sailors about it’. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure doing anything in that fashion makes it more entertaining to watch.

Ah, Erin. You rock! To be totally fair, she actually did a decent job with this thing. It’s not easy to have your boss in the hot seat and make it worth watching. My biggest fault with the whole interview is that she didn’t sign off by rubbing the crap out of that shiny bald head. Next time, Erin.

CNBC: Exclusive Erin Burnett Sits Down With Jeff Zucker, August 26, 2008