Not sure if everyone saw this clip already, but I think it’s entirely relevant as back up material for yesterday’s debate between Erin and Maria.

Would Maria Bartiromo have the BALLS to pull of a stunt like this? I think not.

Erin Burnett was on Conan O’Brien back in January when she unveiled her bounty from the heist of the century. Video and obscene sexy close-up, along with detailed analysis after the jump:

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erin burnett dress close-up

Everyone just relax! I’m not positive about this, but I believe – if my memory of elementary school anatomy serves me correctly – that is just a fold in her skin on the back of her knee. Nothing more exciting than that.

Although, this shot does produce a whole lot of leg and Conan appears to be doing plenty of unnecessary touching. Couldn’t Erin have held and displayed the device for a close-up shot on her own? She is a news anchor, right? That’s just basic newscasting right there.