I just came across an interesting article about Erin Burnett’s college life up at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass. Long before she delivered all the most important business news throughout the day on CNBC, she was just your typical college chick.

Of course, this article appeared in a ‘reputable’ newspaper piece this week, so it’s completely devoid of all the interesting details about frat parties, late night hookups, and real college activities that I was hoping to find.

Here’s two interesting anecdotes, I came across though:

1.) Erin’s former academic advisor is almost appalled that *gasp* some CNBC viewers might think Erin is some ‘hot’ money honey/biz babe. I’m as shocked as you are, Sir. Here’s his full quote:

James E. Mahon, chairman of Williams College’s political economy program and Burnett’s senior thesis adviser, watched a broadcast of Matthews’ public display of affection toward Burnett and said he found it “disgusting.”

The idea that his former student is simply a “Money Honey” — the oft-used epithet used for attractive business news anchors that implies they’re all looks and no substance — is more than a little irksome.

“She works very hard,” Mahon said. “When she sees a job, she knocks herself out.”

Mahon described her as a serious student who didn’t use her good looks as currency.

“She wasn’t a beauty queen,” he said. “She was a field hockey player. She wasn’t going around campus trying to be Miss Glamour.”

Miss Glamour?! Ha, that’s rich. The only thing glamourous about Erin is her . . . everything. But she does also have that gritty field hockey player mentality when she’s going balls-to-the-wall interviewing some analyst douche who doesn’t want to give up ‘the good stuff’. Speaking of field hockey…

2.) Erin’s former field hockey coach explains an endearing tale of how the team reacted to some big news:

Chris Mason, then Williams’ head coach in lacrosse and field hockey, recalls Burnett fondly.

“She was very quick and fast,” Mason said. “A good scorer.”

Mason then told a story about Burnett: The field hockey team had reached the NCAA Division III tournament for the first time, and Mason got to break the exciting news to the team.

“I told them, ‘I have good news and bad news. The good news is we made the tournament,’ ” Mason said. ” ‘The bad news is that we have to take a bus (to the competition) in Salisbury, Maryland. They won’t let us fly down.’ “

Mason said most team members were silent, “digesting” the news about the long bus drive.

The only one making noise was Burnett.

“Erin was jumping up and down going ‘Wooo!’ ” Mason said, laughing. “She was saying, ‘That’s near my house! We can go for dinner!’

“That was no stuffy money analyst.”

Oh Erin! What a babe.

Seriously though, Erin rules. Check out our Biz Babe profile of her, along with the shocking revelation that she steals dresses, and is hotter than Maria.

TheBerkshireEagle: Erin Burnett a rising star at CNBC, September 9, 2008 via TV Newser