Wow. Just wow. Could this be the mother lode of all biz babe news clips? Perhaps.

Yesterday I received a tip from a reader that at the end of CNBC’s ‘Squawk On The Street’ program, Erin Burnett made an offhand comment about being in a hot tub.

After doing some digging, it looks like she admits the first time she met Joe Kernen, one of her veteran Squawk Box co-anchors, was when she was in a hot tub with another woman named ‘Amy Eisner’:

Unfortunately, the better video would have been of the actual hot tub footage. A few phone calls placed to various hot tub companies and hotels in the area proved fruitless, but I’m hoping all our imaginations will prevail in this.

Joe Kernen, you lucky bastard.

UPDATE: Somehow we got a photo of the incident in question:

Ah, Erin always the life of the party. Doesn’t really look like a party I’d like to be at though. And Jeez, Joe you need to get a tan on your face. Looks like you’ve seen a ghost.

UPDATE 2: John Carney at Clusterstock was able to get the full scoop on what went down in the hot tub on one of those steamy South Carolina nights.