She has one of the busiest schedules in Hollywood, but thanks to a spicy combo of brains and beauty, Eva Longoria’s got it all covered.

Co-owner of LA eatery Beso, the sexy Latina is also the author of a successful cookbook and the star and executive producer of an upcoming NBC comedy, Hot and Bothered, about the life and times of a telenovela star. A passionate immigration activist, Longoria recently met with President Obama to talk about what career options he should pursue after he leaves the White House.

She’s also a fine conversationalist, as we learned when we caught up with her at an LG Electronics party for their new ProBake Convection ranges to talk food, fitness and, well, cats. 


Do you have a cooking tip for guys?
I always say if you can read you can cook. There are so many recipes online that if you just follow them, you can cook. My tip would be go beyond grilling. Every guy is like, ‘I’m a great barbecue’ and I’m like, ‘It’s not that hard.’ So, try to explore things beyond barbecuing.

What mouthwatering-but-not-impossible-to-make dish is most likely to make you melt?
I have an amazing tortilla soup that’s the most requested of my friends. It makes their mouths water. I’m always making that. It takes a while, so I usually make a lot!

Today’s event is all about nutrition and good eating. How healthy do you eat?
I could easily be a vegetarian, because I love vegetables so much, and I feel like Los Angeles is a place that can support healthy living. If you go to other parts of the country, they’re like ‘broccolini, what’s that!?’  I love cooking with vegetables and I have a secret for cooking them—they rarely need a lot! People cover them in cheese or a sauce, and vegetables really only need olive oil.

Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure food?
Pizza. I don’t get to eat it much, but pizza is definitely one of my favorites. The classic pepperoni is my guilty pleasure. Pizza and potato chips actually. I love it! I’m a salty person; I’m not a sweet person. Some people love chocolate or cookies, but I’m like, meh, I could do without it.

We heard you went to Italy lately. Any standout meals?
Every meal was standout. I wanted to do a food diary it was so good. I wish we had better access to fresher fish, because every time I ate a fish it was like it came right out of the ocean!

Does your boyfriend have a favorite meal you like to cook for him?
Everything I cook for him. He likes my breakfasts. I change it up. He’s a healthy eater, so I usually do a rice cake breakfast sandwich with avocado and a fried egg.

You look great, how much do you work out? What are your favorite types of workouts?
Oh my God… everything. I do Pilates, I do SoulCycle and I’m a runner. So, I’m constantly doing something. It makes me feel better. It gives me energy in the day. When I don’t work out, I actually feel lethargic.

We heard you were a cat lady.
I actually don’t have one right now. Growing up, I had about seven and this was until recently. I have two dogs!

How do you feel about men who have cats?
I love it. I love any guy who really cares for an animal. Animals are really high maintenance, so if there is a guy who is responsible for another being, that’s a good sign that he’s somewhat normal!