Back in the late fifties, the only thing making all the chicks go, "Tweet, tweet, tweet" was Bobby Day and his infinitely catchy, bubblegum pop hit "Rockin’ Robin." It was a song played on some weird, primitive black music disc made out of vinyl called a "record," which was allowed to play (unscratched or remixed, for some strange reason) for the entirety of the song. In those days, they didn’t even have auto tune. Our parents and grandparents lived in much rougher times, like "grueling pace in Oregon Trail" kind of rough.

Now, we have the miracle of Twitter, which allows us to tweet all day with just our thumbs and working internet connection or smart phone.We have the privilege of following all of our favorite birds (i.e. ladies, per the British slang, if you never listened to a Streets album) and know what they’re doing nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If the ladies of our last twitter babes article weren’t enough for you, here’s a few more to clandestinely stalk while you waste time at work.

Genevieve Chapell

One of the most recognized women in motorsports, show host extraordinaire. Once a sexy St. Pauli’s Girl in Huntington Beach. Vroom, Vroom!

Olivia Munn

Cable TV darling and unattainable, gamer chick dream of G4 fan boys the world over. May be Princess Leia reincarnated (see pic).

Erica Blasberg

All-American, All-Hottie golfing phenom outta Corona, CA. Recent tweet says Keith Urban, my archnemesis, is sexy. URBAN! (shaking fist @sky)

Nikki Benz

Adult film star /Twitter superstar. Fact: hails from Canada, eh. Fiction: Vikki Beemer is twin sister. Tweets 3 + per day about: Starbucks.

Jesse Jane

Gorgeous, fun-loving adult film star that may or may not have carnal knowledge of Michelle Rodriguez. Use your imagination…

Amber Ettinger

2003 Miss NYC who was tapped to be the hot chick that endorsed Obama during his presidential run. He won in a landslide. Coincidence? Nope.

Mandy Moore

Singer and actress who’s still sweet as “Candy,” like the song that made her famous. Dropped out of the Aqua Man movie. Except, not really.

Bongkoj Khongmalai

Hottest Thai model/actress you’ve never heard of. Nude scene does exist somewhere. Note to self: email your Thai DVD bootleg guy immediately.

Doutzen Kroes

Pronounced “doubt zen krooz,” one of the highest paid supermodels in the world right now. Must be from Holland, cuz she’ll get you lifted.