After watching the young Miley Cyrus aka Destiny Hope Cyrus aka Hanna Montana rake in $33 million dollars this weekend at the box office, I realized that everything I need to know about marketing I can learn from the marketing of this show.

1. Kids are where the money‘s at

You want to make money. Go for the kids. If something gets hot it has the ability to make millions, even billions. The movies aren’t as competitive either. You can get an opening weekend to yourself if you plan it right.

2. Put the main character at an age that appeals to broad range of ages and sexes. As wrong as it sounds, a 12-14 year old cute girl is the perfect age. She’s cute enough to appeal to older boys and young enough to appeal to the younger girls. None of the boys admit to liking Hanna Montana but they don’t exactly turn the channel when their little sister has it on. If you don’t think they are trying to lure in the older boys take a look at the photo to the left. Not exactly a little girl look.

3. Make sure your character has a catch phrase
People love catch phrases. Even if they’re as stupid as “Sweet Nibblets”.

4. Cross promote as much as you can
If you have another act or product that is hot, make sure to tie your other product into it. Disney is the master. Ads for every other show run between every hit show.

5. Have someone sing
People love singing and love to sing along. If you are making an ad for a product have some singing in it. You have a show? Somebody better be singing if it’s a kids show. McDonalds figured this out and “They’re lovin’ it”. Also a chance for album sales and……

6. Take it on the road or bring it in the home
Bring the talent to the people. The real money is concerts, toys, and other products. The Hanna concerts have been huge. They get a chance to see the actual star and are willing to pay huge money for that opportunity. Sure there’s money to made in TV shows in syndication but the real money is in licensing products of the built brand. George Foreman made a lot more money going into people’s homes on a grill than he did on the TV set boxing.

7. If you have a TV program link your star romantically to some other lesser known talent. Spreading rumors that Miley was dating one of the Jonas brothers was brilliant. Put both their names in the media. Now both are huge acts. Also another example of tying two products together by putting them in concert together.

8. Publicize a scandal.
You don’t think Disney milked the kid that faked the disease to get the free concert tickets? Free headlines that showed how in demand Hanna Montana tickets were. People were willing to lie, cheat, and steal.