There are not very many huge corporate announcements in which several companies make money without hurting another. With Google announcing Friday night that they are going to start offering downloads, at first glance I figured Apple (AAPL) was going to suffer. Then I started to think this out. Google is going to let the content providers charge whatever they want for that content as long as they give GOOG thirty percent. Great. Where are they going to download that content to? Computers and portable devices. Who makes the best products to handle video and portable video? Apple . Apple makes very little money on their downloads and have always admitted that the only reason they sell content is to sell more devices. More content, more devices. Everyone who has content wants to get it to the end user and even better if they can make extra money delivering it on the replay market once its been shown ie TV shows, movies, etc. So who wins? Google, everyone who has content to sell , AAPL, and of course the consumer. Money is knocking at your door, open it.