The Exerspy is a personal fitness coach that’s the size of an angel on your shoulder telling you exactly how to work out. This isn’t the bulky heart rate monitor from before we lived in 2010. The future’s pretty cool. 

And, in our experience, it’s a lot cheaper than a personal trainer at the one-time fee of $300. For that, you’ll get Simple food logging system with 50,000-item database from CalorieKing™, up-to-the-minute calorie burn, physical activity, steps and more. It also has lifestyle menus written by registered dietitians to help you figure out healthy choices when you’re not on the trail, pounding it out. Programmed in are unlimited cardio, walking and resistance training programs from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, customized supplement plans based on your goal, and access to The Fitness Vault—thousands of videos, articles, FAQs. Stop second guessing your workouts, and apply some mathematics to your muscles.  Learn more or buy yours here