We were recently in Las Vegas compliments of Harrah’s, and because we got Diamond level V.I.P. cards, we had access to the red carpet for the Vegas premier of the bullets-and-balls driven “Expendables.”  On the carpet there were a lot of dead henchmen, and one Terry Crews.

If you haven’t seen the movie, and you love explosions and terrible throwback action movies, you’re wasting your time finishing this sentence – you should already by piloting a hovercraft or other similarly superfluous vehicle to your local theater (‘Expendables’ review here).  In the film, Crews plays Hale Caesar, a bug-eyed mad man with a curious, if mostly correct sense of justice.  This is also an accurate description of the other characters with only slight changes to the descriptions of the eyes for the likes of Sly Stallone and Jet Li.  One thing that sets Crews aside, though, is his weapon of choice, the AA-12 automatic shotgun with a heavy drum magazine.  Check it out:

He stopped by and let us ask him a few questions about what it means to be a professional tough guy and how we can best hope to emulate his terrifying masculinity.

MM: What’s it like being a tough guy on a set of tough guys? 

TC: I’m not playin’. I’m 42 years old, and all I do is sleepin and be takin a nap. But then when we got up, we’re like, “Alright the shoot’s over.” We blew up everything in the scene within literally a half-mile radius. Anything that was standing was not standing when we were done.

MM: Most badass moment in Vegas? 

TC: No, not really. I just hang out with my wife and that’s it, man. I’m old; I take a nap. (kisses wife)

MM: How can we be real life action stars like you? 

TC: Live your life. Don’t try to fake it. You know, a lot of guys want to do fake action. It doesn’t work. You’ve got to live. Everybody in this movie has lived and done things and lived their life. Go climb a mountain. Go do something. And then you can become a real action star for real.

Photos courtesy of Keriann Boone