In this whimsical book of vice, authors Jordan Kaye and Marshall Altier offer a well-balanced mix between jokey asides, actual advice, and devilishly clever suggestions for societal mischief. It’s a similar experience to getting a real-life talking to from a real-life, salty bartender. It’s equal parts cocktail recipes, advice about being a gentleman, and jokes to keep it light and entertaining. 

Which is not that surprising since both Kayte and Altier are both veteran ‘tenders from the Big Apple. In fact, Altier is still a practicing sud slinger. 

A huge hook of the book is that there’s a perfect drink for every day, every situation, every person, every time. They’ve got recipes and advice for making and serving drinks for “Drowning Out the Ticking of Your Biological Clock,” or slightly more common things like “Your High School Reunion “ or “meeting the in-laws.” Check it out or buy your copy here.