So, a long time ago, most gadgetry fulfilled their practical applications as well or better than we need them to. The first iPod played the same audio files the new ones do. The first cell phones made calls like new ones do (actually, some of the clunky, early models with antennae work better than certain new Apple iPhones in this regard). The point is, most gadget-buying today has at least an element of style to it. You’re buying these things partly for their function, but mostly for their sexiness. And that is just fine. To that end, here’s some of the sexiest gadgets out there for Made Men.

Sony VAIO Laptops

Sony unapologetically makes upscale, high-end laptops for users who want not only a computer that works when it’s supposed to, but looks good when it needs to. Their entire VAIO line is notable, but our favorite here at Made Man is the smallest one that, somehow, makes the loudest statement: The P-Series.  It was updated this year with a bezel touchbad and the ability to browse the web using its inbuilt accelerometer – all dressed up as the best looking netbook we’ve seen.

Fatman iTube 452

This iPod-specific valve amp takes the less-than-elitist sound quality that iPods typically output, and uses nine heat-pumping valves to up the quality, precision, and warmth of your entire iTunes library. It’s not exactly cheap – it retails for around $3,000 – but as far as eye-catching gadgets go, this one is just as good at turning heads for its looks as it is for its sound. It has an iPod-specific cradle called the Valvedock which works well, but for the very best sound quality, run a line from your iPod directly into one of the ports in the back of the unit.

Electric Martini Maker

No longer will you have to wade through the crowd to tell an overworked bartender that you’d like your martini shaken, stirred, or anything else. Now, it’s literally as easy as pushing a button. The Electric Martini Maker allows you to add gin, vodka, or whatever else you want in your ‘tini into the 1 oz. shaker cap. Then, when the green olive light fires up, choose shake or stir and get ready to kick back with your adult beverage.

LaCie Golden Hard Drive

If Gunther had a hard drive, this would be it. Designed by the mischievous design house Morabito who notoriously faked Mac and Louis Vuitton products, this high-gloss (fake) gold hard drive is the stylish way to back up your files. Originally priced at a somewhat steep (even for a fashion-forward design like this) $260, A Plus R Store has knocked it down 25% to about $200. A non-gold, boring black box with comparable features, for your information, would only set you back $70 to $100. But you’re not paying for storage space, you’re paying for a pretty face, so buy it.

Skullcandy Ti Headphones

The Skullcandy Ti over-ear headphones are not noise-canceling, they offer 32/50 ohms of impedence, and their 41 mm titanium drivers have a frequency range of 100-18,000Hz. All of that is pretty standard. What is not standard about them, is neon pink fur. Or black, or white fur, depending on the color of the faux fur, full length coat you’re trying to match them too.  Noise leakage is minimal, but they don’t block out much more sound than a regular pair of on-ear headphones. But it isn’t about sound. It’s about style. Get them from Amazon for $80.

Sony Roller

The Sony Roller speaker is the epitome of style over in addition to function.  With two wheels around its circumfrence and a pair of wings covering the speakers on either end, it’s nothing if not an atypical MP3 player.  To change tracks you roll it quickly across a level surface.  To adjust volume, you roll it slowly.  It has an accelerometer, so it knows if it’s on-end (then just one wing opens).  But none of that really matters.  Here’s what does: it can dance to the music it plays.

Kodak ZX3 PlaySport

The Kodak PlaySport Zx3 is everything that’s great about their wildly popular Zi8 (some would say Flip-killing) camcorder – it can record HD video in either 720 or 1080p, it’s super-simple to point and shoot, can capture 5-megapixel still images, and looks great in a variety of colors. And, it’s all of that in a ruggedized waterproof package. Take this baby skiing, swimming, or anything else you can think of (up to 10 feet underwater).

B&W Nautilus Speakers

B&W Nautilus speakers are the iconic flagship model of this decades-old audio company, and they also very well may be the speakers that King Triton uses when listening to his remix of “Under the Sea.” These seashell-shaped speakers offer some of the most detailed treble available, and sound better than many speakers which cost more.