Factron has been making third party accessories for the iPhone for a while, but nothing they’ve made has given us technophillic eye erections like this iPhone case.  It comes in a few flavors, Gooey Great Graphite and Lava Leather.

Okay, those aren’t the real names, but you can get interchangeable leather or graphite composite faceplates to cover your iPhone in the area that the steel-reinforced frame doesn’t.

Besdies looking slick and acting tough, this Factron case supports three interchangeable lenses (sold separately).  There’s a wide-angle, close-up (macro), and fish-eye lense that screw into the case over the iPhone’s viewfinder.  That’d make for one hell of a snazzy mobile uploads Facebook album.

All this snazziness and zazziness, though, is going to cost you.  All told, the case and the three lenses will set you back around $300.  [Buy it]