Sure, drinking beer is fun. But sometimes you want to read about the IPA you’ve just consumed, or figure out what craft beer you should drink next, or decide what fine lager goes best with pork belly sliders. That’s where beer apps come in. Here are six awesome—and free!—options. Read about ’em below, then download ’em. Then reward yourself with an ice-cold brew.


Loosely modeled after FourSquare, Untappd allows you to check-in your beer and your location. You can also make a wish list, photograph, rate and comment on your brew, toast friends and earn badges. Just don’t check-in too many beers too quickly, or they’ll tell you to come back later. Get it here.

Big Beer Hunter

Having trouble finding a beer? Or wonder if it is even available in your town? This app allows you to search for beer by location. Even more handy, it provides you with prices. The only problem? It relies solely on crowdsourced data, which can be hit or miss. Get it here.


One of the earliest mobile beer apps, BeerCloud boasts an extensive database powered by You can search for a beer—or just scan its barcode—to learn its style, see what to pair it with and where to buy it. Pretty freakin’ nifty app, especially for you big-city dwellers. Get it here.


A little like Pandora for beer drinkers, Pintley takes notice of beers you have tried and recommends other, similar brews. The more info you provide, the better Pintley serves you. The best part? The rewards. Earn 20,000 points via Facebook or Twitter referrals during a month and Pintley will float you a $45 gift card. Get it here.


BrewGene also suggests beers based on ones you previously sampled. But this one’s super-easy to navigate, it’s got a Top 100 (a list of the top-rated beers) and a Random option. Because too often we find ourselves chasing the best or resting on old standbys and missing out on all that lies in between. Get it here.


Covering 11 big markets across the country, this app sets itself apart because—as the name suggests—it tells you what’s actually on tap at various bars. Also cool: it connects the breweries with the consumer. (It even has a job listings page.) Get it here.