For the second part of our Chef Rock series we turned to former Top Chef contestant Kenny Gilbert. A culinary artist whose work has taken him around the country, Gilbert also has excellent taste in music, as his top-five song picks attest. Click the button below to listen along on Made Man’s Spotify.*

1. “Numb/Encore” by Linkin Park & Jay-Z
“This collaboration between two completely different artists, from different genres represents a lot of the different ingredients and food styles meshing together to make one great dish, or sound in their case.”

2. “Don’t Say Goodnight” by Isley Bros
“I like cooking to this when I’m cooking for my lady!”

3. “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest
“This reminds me of the times when I was young and reckless. Cooking was always my escape, so even when doing all those crazy things, cooking brought me back down to earth.”

4. “Boom Bye Bye” by Buju Banton
“I love reggae. Buju is just hard core, aggressive reggae and it is very similar to my cooking style.”

5. “First of the Month” by Bone Thugs n’ Harmony
“Motivation to get your hustle on!”

*A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” isn’t available on Spotify yet. Check it out here instead.