Quinn Hatfield is a busy chef. But somewhere between running two top Los Angeles restaurants—Hatfield’s and The Sycamore Kitchen—and riding full tilt around a velodrome as a competitive sprint cyclist, he finds the time to chill out and listen to a little indie rock. For the third installment of our Chef Rock series, Hatfield dropped five of his favorite tracks on us. Click the button below to listen along on Spotify.*

1. “Backsell” by Desaparecidos
“A Conor Oberst project: he released an album in 2002, and then nothing for 10 years. Now they are back!”

2. “Altar Girl” by The Weeks
“An amazing blend of rock and southern style, crafted by talented teenagers.”

3. “Old White Lincoln” by The Gaslight Anthem
“A magic mix of rock and punk, with 50s style.”

4. “The House That Heaven Built” by Japandroids
“Straightforward, powerful rock, played by the current rulers of the ‘two piece’ genre.”

5. “Flowers in Your Hair” by The Lumineers
“A short, sweet, addictive tune that makes my children dance.”

*Desaparecidos’ “Backsell” isn’t available on Spotify yet. Check it out here instead.