We recently told you about New York’s best secret restaurants, or supper clubs. These underground dining hot spots invite patrons to sign up for a night of food appreciation in an off-the-grid atmosphere far removed from a typical restaurant visit. If you’re on the other coast and looking to try out a secret (maybe not quite legal) restaurant, here are a few options…

1. Chicks With Knives

Operated by two Los Angeles chefs (both of whom are chicks who frequently use knives), Chicks With Knives places an emphasis on locally produced, organic and sustainable ingredients. In addition to hosting a monthly supper club, they also cater and have been known to whip up everything from traditional lamb dishes to a treat called bacon jam. Use your imagination on that one.

For more info visit www.chickswithknives.com

2. Muddy Leek Underground

Chef Whitney Flood heads up Muddy Leek Underground, a monthly supper club with each event characterized by a different theme. Past dinners have included meals comprised entirely of locally-grown, organic vegetables, and a Spanish-themed Flamenco and tapas night.

For more info visit www.bonmelangecatering.com/muddyleek

3. On the Lamb

On the Lamb is run by three food enthusiasts of varying culinary backgrounds. One’s a chef, one’s a baker and the third is a sommelier. The result is a highly creative monthly pop-up dinner event with dishes ranging from herb-infused chicken to slow-roasted pork and of course cocktails and plenty of wine.

For more info visit www.onthelambfb.com

4. Supper Liberation Front

Dinner with a side of rebellion. Supper Liberation Front takes the concept of underground dining and turns it into a full-blown anti-establishment food movement. Operated by a collection of LA-based chefs, Supper Liberation Front offers a monthly, one-course dinner at an undisclosed location that changes with each event. There may or may not be secret passwords.

For more info visit www.supperliberationfront.com

5. Un-Curry

Like curry? Even the most experienced of connoisseurs probably haven’t had it quite like this before. Chef Kamundi Marathe is all about exploring the diverse nature of Indian cuisine, preparing dishes that reflect India’s vast offering of regional cuisines and cultures.

For more info visit www.un-curry.com

6. Taste of Pace

Taste of Pace hosts monthly dinner events inspired by Chef Pace Webb’s diverse culinary experience and tastes. Past menus have included kofta, hush puppies and specialty cocktails, all infused with local produce and ingredients.

For more info visit www.tasteofpace.com

7. Ghetto Gourmet

Ghetto Gourmet isn’t strictly a Los Angeles supper club. Founded by food expert Jeremy Townsend, this on-the-go dinner party features events throughout the country, wherever Townsend feels like setting up shop. And unlike more infrequent supper clubs, Ghetto Gourmet plays host to events several times a month, offering more prospective patrons the opportunity to sample Townsend’s fare.

For more info visit www.theghet.com