By: Katherine Akra

The Facebook home offices made a change more dramatic than the Great Facebook 2.0 changeover when the recently moved into their new headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. San Francisco-based design studio O+A overhauled this one-time laboratory built in the 1950s (for mad science no doubt) into a hip, new, exactly-what-you’d-expect, version of a social media giant’s offices. The offices are 150,000 square feet divvied up among Facebook’s 700 employees.

Some key features are a gourmet kitchen where employees can get whatever they want to eat at any time (alla Google HQ), stark walls left bare and unfinished to allow employees to personalize their space, and a patchwork design that reflects the stitched-together way that Facebook users view their own (and each other’s) profiles. It’s an ingenious design best summed up by the common sentiment in our offices, “Aww! I wanna work there!” Via