As a Facebook user, odds are you’ve seen or even used the Facebook Graffiti Art App. You know, where you make pictures for your friends and leave them on their walls? It’s pretty horrible art, we can all agree.

Stick figures were more like Stick ambiguous squiggly lines. It takes a steady hand to master the art of the Graffiti Art. You might have better things to do, like join your friend’s Mob or grow a veggie patch in Farmville! Luckily a few clutch artists did seem to nail the Graffiti Art, and the people behind the app realized these were too good to remain on imaginary Internet walls alone. They are now offering prints of the best of the best for you to hang on your real physical walls. Brilliant. There are almost fifty to choose from and counting, and surprisingly they are all beautiful and well crafted. The prints are offered in Standard size ($9.85) and Huge ($19.95) and can be found here. Just make sure your friends don’t start writing messages to you on your real walls. That won’t look as cool.