Facebook, the world’s largest Internet stalking service, will unveil a new web-based e-mail client on Monday, according to sources who have several mutual friends with the company.

While the project is still likely in its early stages, Facebook employees are already calling it a “Gmail killer,” referring to Google’s popular e-mail client, not to be confused with “The Gmail Killer,” the crapiest monicker a serial killer could ever get stuck with.

When rumors first leaked about the project earlier this year, many speculated that the company was simply updating its existing messaging service. However, sources have now revealed that Facebook is developing a full-blown e-mail client, complete with @facebook.com addresses for users.

The announcement is an exciting one, especially for college students and lonely adults who already spend the majority of their free time on Facebook, pretending to have friends and obsessively surveying photos of people they don’t really know that well and probably never will.

Given Facebook’s notoriously lax privacy policy, however, it is a foregone conclusion that the company will immediately begin mining its customers’ inboxes for information to sell for profit.