I feel like we’ve talked about every potential trend story and this one was bound to happen next. First we were drinking more booze to cope with our crappy economy, then we were buying porn with our stimulus checks, now we’re combating financial collapse with a little more protected sex? got this awesome quote from Ted Conley, the head of North American marketing for Durex:

“The category has traditionally been strong at times of economic downturn and we are getting anecdotal evidence that the same can be said for today. When you think about it, it makes sense that when money is tight, people stay in and make their own fun rather than going out and spending money.”

Encouraging indoor promiscuity to counter the economy’s ills, hells yeah, Ted! How’s this for a new ad tagline? : “Condoms are factory tested to be 99.9% recession proof if used properly. Don’t forget to leave room for the reservoir tip of liquidity!” (ba dum ching)

BusinessSheet: When The Economy Goes Down Something Else Goes Up: Condom Sales, October 22, 2008

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