You couldn’t make this up. One of the world’s finest automobiles lays disintegrated on a Malibu highway with no driver in sight. When police arrive there is a man named Stefan Eriksson sitting in the passenger seat with nothing but a cut lip. But where’s the driver. According to Eriksson the driver was a man he barely knew named Dietrich. No last name, he only knew his name was Dietrich and that he ran off right after the crash. Here are the flaws in the story. Only the driver side airbags deployed and not the passengers. No way someone came out of the passenger’s seat unscathed with no airbag. Secondly, Eriksson owns the car and no way in the world do you let someone else drive your car that is worth millions. Eriksson conveniently was above the legal alcohol limit so it was lucky he wasn’t driving. The unsubstantiated story of how he crashed goes like this. The Enzo was racing a Mercedes SLR at 120 on Pacific Palisade Highway when it hit an embankment and went airborne, striking a pole and disintegrated into pieces. Eriksson has quite a history himself. He is a former executive at Gizmondo that had to quit due to convictions of ties to the Swedish Mafia. He received $3 million annually but according to his stories about his criminal past he made much more than that in counterfeit money and fraud. Good news for Enzo owners though. Since there were only 400 made the value just went up by 1/400.