This is getting ridiculous. Jacksonville beat the Titans, St. Louis smoked the Colts. And the Texans just released Ed Reed. At we make it our business to help you navigate the craziness as we monitor the players moving up and down the value charts. Here are a few guys we’re scoping out for Week 11.

The recent play of Josh McCown is generating real discussion about whether Cutler is the long-term answer in Chicago, and Smokin’ Jay is trending the wrong direction.


Case Keenum, QB, Houston Texans
Keenum has a great shot to overachieve. As our Sigmund Bloom points out, he faces Oakland, Jacksonville twice, New England, Indianapolis, and Denver between now and week 16. He’s getting better as he sees more time under center, and in Andre Johnson, he still has one of the best wideouts in the game.

Shane Vereen, RB, New England Patriots
Waiver wires are no place to be cautious in Week 11. If you’re waiting to see what this guy looks like on the field, you likely will miss out on him. (See Andre Brown, Week 10.) None of the other Pat backs ran away with the position while Vereen was out, Tom Brady is champing at the bit after a bye week, and Vereen should be a big part of the offense this weekend.

Percy Harvin, WR, Seattle Seahawks
I’m repeating myself here but I see too many people sleeping on the Seahawks wideout. If the Harvin owner in your league is low on patience, offer up a guy that will produce for sure this week as you stash Harvin for your playoff run. The Seahawks are looking at the big picture, and Harvin is expected to be a big part of their November and December.

Brian Leonard, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
We loved Mike James. Until he fractured his ankle Monday night. Bobby Rainey will see work, too, but we think Leonard will get first shot. Now, Leonard was buried on the Bucs’ depth chart for a reason; he’s not that good. But he will see carries, and that’s worth something in this league.

No matter who Chicago’s QB is, running hard is still this Matt’s Forte. (Zing!)


Matt Forte, RB, Chicago Bears
Walking the tightrope between recognizing a trend vs. overreacting is always tricky. Forte is a guy we’re willing to give the benefit of the doubt. His story hasn’t really changed, even if the Chicago QBs have. Josh McCown is clearly capable of running this offense, and we think Forte gets back to his normal self. Even with a tough game this week vs. Baltimore.


Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago Bears
This isn’t just about the injury. Although that doesn’t help any. Cutler will miss at least this week and possibly more. But the recent play of McCown is generating real discussion about whether Cutler is the long-term answer in Chicago. I still think he is, but the question is legitimate and Smokin’ Jay is trending the wrong direction.

Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo Bills
Jackson has three ugly factors working against him: 1. The Bills offense looked awful Sunday, even with QB1 E.J. Manuel back. 2. Buffalo faces the defensively tough Jets in Week 11. #3. Jackson is guaranteed to post zero points the following week as the Bills get their bye. He’s a big name, but if you can get good value for him this week, do it.

Anquan Boldin, WR, Arizona Cardinals
As we always say, this game is about opportunity. Boldin carried the San Francisco receiving load early this year, but Mario Manningham is back and Michael Crabtree looks like he’ll be ready soon. Plus Colin Kaepernick seems to have forgotten how to play QB. Boldin’s still a top wideout so make sure you get plenty in return if you move him. But this feels like the right time to sell.

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