The people at ThinkGeek have done the research, and the results are not surprising. Life is just not as interesting as the movies. But what’s surprising is it isn’t due to bland story lines. It’s the lack of a soundtrack.

How cool would it be to have dramatic music play during your dramatic life moments, intense music for all those crazy action sequences you find yourself in (especially if Michael Bay is directing your life)? They took up the cause and have come up with an incredible solution: the Personal Soundtrack Shirt. The shirt has a working speaker in its center to play the right music at the right time. Sneaking out of work early on a Friday? Press the button on the pocketable remote that corresponds to some James Bond music, and suddenly you’re the lead in the movie of your life. Prepping to confront one of your mortal enemies? Western showdown music is provided. And you don’t have to go with ThinkGeek’s choices. Load up your own songs and sound effects (up to 20 at a time) and you’re good to go. The Personal Soundtrack Shirt is $29.99 and can be bought here.