Although it might be somewhat of an unorthodox and grotesque form of financial motivation, this guy calls up Dave Ramsey to explain how he wins weight-loss contests to pay off his debts. Is he truly ‘The Biggest Loser’?

I’m not totally sure how this guy has so many weight loss contests going on around his office (maybe he works at a lard factory?), but he’s picking up some extra bucks and also improving his physical appearance. Doubling his chances of getting laid!

Dave Ramsey has a strangely revealing moment at 1:34 in the video when describing a ‘buff’, Tae Kwon Do champion co-worker. Just saying.

And although our weight loss entrepreneur’s brilliant t-shirt saying ‘I Gave Up Burritos To Get Out Of Debt’ sounds dumb enough that it could be funny, becoming the next Jared from Subway sounds like a disaster. Jared is rollin’ in sponsorship money these days; he’s not becoming a weight loss freak for office pennies.

This guy should really be focusing on the money he would be saving in healthcare costs if he keeps off the weight and lives his life in a healthy way. Get some ideas and find out if your healthcare provider offers incentives and benefits for losing weight here. Looks like some companies are offering $1,000 reductions in health insurance premiums to employees participating in stayfit plans.

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