Jocks have always had a bad reputation—stupid meatheads who couldn’t treat women right if they tried. If you find yourself on the receiving end of this stereotype, science says it’s kind of warranted. Yup, according to a new study, men who play on sports teams are more likely to be cheaters.

Golfsupport, an online superstore for golfers, conducted a study that looked at a group of 1,750 men who play sports for over six hours a week. Of the men in that group, those who played team sports were more likely to have affairs than those who weren’t members of a sports team.

Over 20 percent of rugby players said that they’d used excuses like training or having a match to cover up cheating on their partners. Soccer players were next, with 19 percent admitting the same. Golfers took third, as 17 percent of them said they’d used their hobby to hide cheating.

Why do team players cheat more than other men? Dr. Kelly Campbell believes it could be related to how certain exercises affect testosterone levels. Exercise (especially resistance training, which is used in rugby practices) can lead to increased testosterone levels in men, and men who have higher testosterone levels often feel like they need to sleep around more than other men do.

It’s important to note that this study does not prove that playing sports like rugby and soccer leads to infidelity—or that athletes are more likely to cheat than NARPs. It just shows that guys who play rugby and soccer are more likely to cheat than, say, baseball or basketball players. So the English are more likely to cheat. Kidding, that escalated quickly.

But if you find yourself fantasizing about other women just remember: Team work makes the dream work, right? Sigh.

Photo: Getty Images/Francois Nelt