ESPN is now doing everything in its power to make fun of itself for talking about Brett Favre so much. The saga of Favre retiring from the Packers, then un-retiring, only to get traded to the New York Jets is such a fascinatingly over-publicized story that the ESPN guys are replacing the word ‘five’ with ‘Favre’ during the Sports Center broadcasts. This is how far we’ve come – from country boy American sports hero to New York tabloid-sucking sports news behemoth.

It’s the epitome of ad nauseam. Of course, we realize that talking about Brett so much has made us not want to hear about him anymore, but is it true that people respect him less after all this new publicity?

That seems to be the popular opinion at the Dave Brown Index of who’s hot and who’s not.

Darren Rovell of CNBC’s Sports Biz has the numbers of what the general public thought of Favre back in May and now in mid-August:

Poll        Awareness    Appeal       Aspiration       Endorsement       Trust

5/5/08 –     70%             80.5            72.0               74.8                     68.1

8/13/08 –    81.2%         71.4            68.7               70.6                     60.3

So this means that more people know of Favre now than before he came back. But the whole ordeal, has hurt his appeal, his aspirational qualities, his ability as an effective spokesperson and the reliability of his words.

I doubt Brett will stop being the spokesperson for Wrangler jeans anytime soon, but it is interesting to note that his move to the largest media market and the bright lights of NYC has surprisingly hurt his like-ability factor. This goes along with what many are predicting could be a disappointing final season on the field for Favre.

What’s your opinion on all this? Is Brett still worth being a major brand pitchman? Sure he’s not as goofy and young as Eli Manning (G-Men!), but he’s still an icon, right?

Here’s a little refresher of some of Brett’s big endorsements:

Brett in those classic Wrangler Jeans ads:

brett favre, wrangler

Brett shows off the guns on the Bowflex:

Brett Favre, bowflex

Cardboard standup of Brett loving Rayovac batteries:

rayovac brett favre

Brett not getting heartburn cuz of his old man Prilosec pills:

Brett again showing off how old he is with his Sensodyne endorsement:

And I’m not sure this is really an ad for anything, but I like the straight forward descriptive narrative it has:

CNBC: Brett Favre: Did His Non-Retirement Hurt His Appeal?, August 15, 2008